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Mass Graves and Civilians Murdered As Genocide Returns To Europe in Ukraine



Members of “Dnepr”, or “Dnipro” by Ukrainian, battalion of fascists financed by Igor Kolomoisky citizen of Israel, took photo with their victim. This happened somewhere in Donetsk republic, at 23th July, at least this photo was published in that day. Fascists forced him to confess in crimes which he couldn’t commit, this “confession” you can to read by link below. I want to note that big part of fascists are from western regions of Ukraine, they are strangers here. For them all locals are “Russian terrorists” or “members of separatists gangs”. If local refuse it, he tortured until confession. Please note their victim have civilian clothes, he haven’t military uniform which wear fighters of Novorossia. Also, fascists were taught don’t damage face of victim, if you going to use him for “public confession”, or for photo like this. Fascists severely beat legs, hands, corpse, but try to leave face without…

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