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Ukrainian Soldiers Increasing Defecting to the New Ukrainian Army Being Trained In Rostov As Ukrainian State Crumbles Read

As the failing military campaign falls apart in the east incraesing Ukrainian conscript soliders are looking to defec to a new Ukrainian Army that is being re-trained in the Rostov and that is set to be redoplyed into Western Ukraine.

The New Ukrainian Army is reported to have approximately 30,000 members and its made up and run by former Ukrainian Army offciers from the now Russian territory of Crimea. It is also setstocked with equipment that was abandoned in Crimea and that was recovered from the Slavyansk military dump and from equipment in surrendered militray bases from the Donetsk, Lughansk and Kharkiv Republiucs.

For more info see:
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‘Death to Fascists’

‘Long Live Donbass’

‘Long Live Donetsk’

‘Long Live the Soivet Union’

‘Stalin Lives’

‘Ukriane No Longer Exists’



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