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Russian Military Moving Through Vodyanaya Balka To Donetsk to Investigate Ukraine Shooting Down of MH17

The video originated not on a pro-separatist site by from the Iranian Press TV Youtube page even though the it was shot in Vodyanoy Balka, see sign at 0:57 on the Highway leading up to Russian City of Rostov from the south. Vodyanaya Balka, which is about 60 km south of Rostov-on-Don.  We then later see a sign with mileage to Rostov and Moscow, as you’d expect when they are northbound.  So they are definitely heading towards Ukraine but are still in Russia in this video. The video was taken by someone unknown showing a Separatist ribbon and where a truck joking cuts of the driver and you have soldiers waving to the car meaning they know the driver.

There is a bus with Latin writing indicating it is from Western Europe, Austria in fact judging by the company name on the bus., It that has obviously been in a crash and judging by the crash it was caused by a military vehicle. It is  a three lane highway so obviously the military vehicle was behind the bus meaning the bus was part of the convoy because any sensible bus driver from Western Europe on a three lane highway would stay well clear of a Russian military convoy heading towards the Ukraine border.

Meaning that the bus was transporting troops not civilians, not also some army bags around the damaged bus. The convoy is also escorted by Russian police which you can by the strong solid value stripe of the side of the police car near the end of the video. There are over one hundred brand new vehicles in the convoy including what looks like the new developmental BM-30s  or BM-27s variations.

Whoever released the video wanted to give a message to someone else by the way the video was released. The video is a form of Russian Maskirovko and its in those finer details that the message is delivered.

As Marshall McLuhan said ‘The Medium is the Message’


#The crashed bus transporting troops seen at 0:40 is owned by Austrian oligarch Alexander Ehrlich see http://www.alexander-ehrlich.com/english/projects.html

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