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Finland Government Confirms Seizing Missiles Being Smuggled Into Ukraine for Not Paying Customes Duty


Finnish Customs confirms that they have seized a missile shipment that was coming to Ukraine in June.

Flights container that was stopped by customs in June contained homing missiles. According to customs, the cargo consigned from Vietnam and was on his way to Ukraine via Hong Kong and Finland. No permission for transit had applied for the shipping.

The contents of the container in about a cubic weighed about a thousand pounds. The cargo has been seized.

Customs is investigating the case as an export offense involving defense and predicts that the investigation will take at least six months. According to Sami Rakshit, head of customs supervision department, it is difficult to arrive at each load was on its way to the paper that is currently available. However, it is not established that it is the question of a deliberate crime.

– For now, everything indicates that it may be a legitimate shipment that are not licensed, says Rakshit.

Although other theories being investigated as long as duty is not entirely sure who the cargo belongs.




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