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Chinese State Media Calls Upon Ukriane to Stop Shooting Itself in the Foot and Provide Video Evidence

Malaysia Airlines MH17 eastern Ukraine after the crash, the U.S. judge shot downthe plane aircraft missiles SA-11 anti-aircraft missiles. Ukrainian government communications by intercepting the rebels, pointing out as early as July 14 the rebels would have a SA-11 launch system. In the intercepted conversation, the rebels have repeatedly said they are re-arranged and SA-11 launch system. Social media released a video exactly the same, the video shows “beech” through rebel-controlled town 托雷兹 from MH17 incident and speculated missile launch to far. Ukrainian security agencies also gives photos and videos to prove downed SA-11 “Beech” SAMs MH17 in the incident were shipped back to Russia.

Thus, Ukraine insists that this is certainly in the rebel separatists lay MH17, in turn returned to the Russian missile system. Many people believe that downed MH17 the SA-11 “Beech” belonging to the Russian anti-aircraft missiles, if not, at least part of the Ukrainian pro-Russian rebel separatists. But the British non-profit organization “Human Rights Survey” published analysis of the article says, some conclusions are premature, Ukraine did not disclose key information on their website. In Russia and Ukraine, when separatists were Qunqiergong evidence provided by the Government of Ukraine has successfully push themselves to the front of the muzzle. Ukrainian security agencies to the media video, you can see a trailer towing “beech” bound Tuolei Zi somewhere, and this “beech” The number is 312.

According to this year’s March 5 release of “Ukraine build BUK-321, 312,301,331,332 into the Crimea” video, multi-vehicle Ukraine SA-11 launch system in 格尔洛夫卡 lined up, The number 312 is also impressively this car in its columns. In other words, this car video alleged missile system in Ukraine, Russia offered Ukraine may be just what your own. “Human rights investigation” These results indicate that, before claiming Ukraine from Russia, “beech” lay the aircraft, which it now appears that at least a missile delivery vehicles belonging to Ukraine.

In addition, according to information provided by Russia, July 17, in a plane crash in the area of ​​Ukraine has deployed 27 BUK-M1 surface-to-launch system, and is equipped with a large number of missiles. But it was also pointed out that the former Soviet army, the vehicle number is not unique, different groups may have the same number of vehicles, which followed the former Soviet habit of Ukraine, the two may also have the same number of “beech” air missile launching system. Some even speculate, BUK-312 is indeed only one, but after the Russian occupation of Crimea, take the opportunity to put together BUK-312 is also occupied. Ukraine has repeatedly declared that it has not lost, “beech” into the hands of the rebels, if it does not, that Ukraine has become one of the suspects in the tragedy. And if it is lost, Ukraine will face, “Why do not you close the civil aviation area” of the question. “Human rights investigation” in the text says, for Ukraine, the current priority is to provide a complete BUK-M1 inventory information, as well as the movement of these missile systems accurate information, rather than to provide some shooting itself in the foot photos and video evidence.

Photo from Ukriane SBU Website Showing Vechile Which Shot Down MH17


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