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What Really Happened with the Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Was It Shot Down By Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s Azov Battalion?

Ukrainian News TV Showing BUK Actively Deployed on The 16th July 2014 in Donetsk

Republic the Day before MH17 was Shot Down

Seperatist outlining what happened in the shooting down of flight MH17

Here is what appears to have happened to Malaysian Flight MH17.

The Right Sector led National Guard and the Battalion Azov funded and run by Israeli Oligarch Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi  were undergoing training exercise south of recently captured Donetsk Republic city of Slovyansk with Polish ex-military mercanaires reported to be leading the training exercises.

Al Jazerra report on the foreign make up of Battalion Azov fighters under Kolomoyskyi

The Ukrainian Airforce appears to percieved that reported fighters massing south of Slvyansk as Donetsk Republicain fighters preparing an attack to retake Slovyansk.

Ukrainian BUK’s near Slovyansk in June

Ukrianian Airforce SU25 fighters were scrambled and took cover from gorund fire by flying close to Malaysian Flight MH17. Flight MH17 was diverted over the training zone.


The Ukrainian Airforce SU25 jets dropped from behind the Malaysian flight MH17 and fired missiles at Battalion Azov positions seeming to beleive that they were seperatist and/or Russian Special Forces attacking Ukrainian positions. Either this was the case or they were deliberately trying to provoke the troops on the ground who were armed with BUK-M1’s into firing their weapons.

Russian jets on a training exercise over Mariupol

It is thought that the Polish instructors were training Azov Battalion recruits fired two missiles from what the SBU reported was BUK No.312 on which they were training the National Guard and Battalion Azov members in case of a Russian air attack. It seems that the Battalion Azov members and trainers believed they were under attack from Russian planes that were seen recently over Mariupol and that the SBU has reported had shot down two Ukrainian aircraft the day before. They were also false reports by the Ukraine Military of the shooting down a Ukrainian SU-25 by a Russian SU-25 the day before the attack on MH17.

The Ukrainian Su25’s after firing their missiles retreate behind the flight MH17 for cover as Russian radar imaging has shown,


Russian Military Satelitte photos of  BUK Movements in on the day and the lead up to the  shooting  down of MH17

LiveLeak-dot-com-e8b_1405991090-1snimok_ekrana_2014-07-21_v_181130_1405992346.png.resized LiveLeak-dot-com-e8b_1405991090-5snimok_ekrana_2014-07-21_v_184757_1405992356.png.resizedLiveLeak-dot-com-e8b_1405991090-3snimok_ekrana_2014-07-21_v_181152_1405992349.png.resized

As a result of the Ukrainian Airforce’s attack on ground positions and its moving behind the Malaysian Flight MH17 the plane was brought down a BUK-M1 owned by the Ukraine Army based at the Dniprodzerzhynsk barracks in Southern Ukraine whose force is now under the control of Israeli Oligarch Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi by order of current President Poroshenko.

The location of BUK 312 can be identified by tracing the SBU sourced which released a photo reporting BUK 312 as missing a missile and being the ‘Russian’ vehicle responsible for shooting down of the MH17. A simple look at the vehicle BUK 312 shows that is in fact a Ukrainian military vehicle.


Photo of BUK 312 that Ukraine Security Service claims shot down MH17. See link for setails


The SBU also ‘leaked’ onto YouTube and other social media sites a video of BUK312 that was originally claimed to be taken on the night of the MH17 being shot down. Further evidence suggest that it was official video taken by Ukraine Traffic Police in March of the vehicle being stopped at Yasynuvata in March 2014.

BUK 312 being pulled over by Ukraine traffic police at Yasynuvata

The license plate clearly shows on of the BUK312 transport vehicle AE4483HE clearly shows that the vechile is based at Dnepropetrovsk Military base controlled by the Azov Battalion of Israeli Oligarch Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi.


Check Number plate details here

This official Ukrainian Traffic Police video clearly shows that the that this vehicle is not a Russian vehicle as false claimed and that it was not smuggled back into Russia. However the Ukraine regime and the website of the SBU still carry the still carry photo taken from the video on their website with commentary claiming that this vehicle is suspected of shooting down flight MH17.


The logic conclusion to be drawn from The Russian and Ukrainian evidence is that Malaysian Flight MH17 was shot down by a missile fired from BUK312 by Polish Army instructors of  Neo-Nazi mercenaries training for the Battalion Azov and National Guard fighters paid for by Israeli Oligarch Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi.

Video documentary exposing those responsible for the mass murder of civilians at Odessa trade Union Hall in May

Another emerging theory suggests that the Ukrainian government along with the SBU is attemptiong to set-up the Right Sector led National Guard by publishing a photo of BUK 312 that has been reported to be in the hands of the Azov Battalion and the  National Guard.



7 thoughts on “What Really Happened with the Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Was It Shot Down By Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s Azov Battalion?

  1. “Seperatist outlining what happened in the shooting down of flight MH17
    Here is what appears to have happened to Malaysian Flight MH17.”

    You are lying. This video was made one month before the accident of MH17 and was published on Youtube the 18.06.2014.

    Posted by Zuschauer | July 24, 2014, 5:57 pm
  2. Amazing that the public couldn’t have figured that out from the outset. All people had to ask themselves was, in whose interest would it have been anyway?…not the separatists that’s for sure!

    Posted by hecsfiles | July 25, 2014, 1:06 am
  3. No country in US’s pocket is going to do a damn thing about the downing of this plane no more than they’ve done for the downing of any other plane in the past. US itself has downed commercial airliners and where was the condemnation then? Is anything being done about Israel’s atrocities against civilians?

    Posted by hecsfiles | July 30, 2014, 2:16 am


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