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Oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk Leads Peace Delegation to Donbass

Ukraine Oligarch and potential future Prime Minister Viktor Medvedchuk has visited both Lughansk and Donetsk on behalf of current Ukraine President Poroshanko to discuss peace terms with the Donbass Rebels. Part of his proposed peace talks includes the roles of current militias in a future proposed Ukrainian federation.

Prime Minister of the Donetsk Peoples Republic Alexander Borodai was reported as stating that, “Currently, a ceasefire can be the only subject of discussion to stop the extermination of civilians and the destruction of the Donbass infrastructure…more serious talks can only be discussed after full withdrawal of all Ukrainian army forces from the Donetsk People’s Republic… we are certain of victory by our armed forces over the punitive army of the Kiev-based junta. However, we are not ruling out the possibility of reaching a ceasefire deal for the sake of preventing a humanitarian disaster in Donbass,” Borodai said.

People’s Front leader Oleg Tsaryov announced his conditions for launching talks with the Ukrainian authorities though their appointed intermediately Medvedchuk, “withdrawal from the Lughansk and Donetsk People’s Republics of the National Guard and the illegal armed groups of Kolomoyskyi and the Right Sector, as well as the Ukrainian units responsible for killing the civilian population.”

Tsaryov also demanded that Kiev pay compensations to the families of the slain civilians and the republics’ residents whose houses were ruined, to the municipalities for the damage caused by the Ukrainian troops to the public infrastructure, as well as to the owners of ruined industrial facilities.

Tsaryov’s also called for Kiev to agree to a “draft constitutional act defining the status of the People’s Republics” and extending amnesty to all militia members, as well as political detainees locked up Ukrainian prisoners. These talks come as an increase to civil disorder grips Western Ukraine and increased tensions between the current Junta and its former supporters from the far-right extremists groups who continue the protests at the Maiden Square in Kiev.

It should that Medvedchuk is one of the largest donors to Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party with Putin being the Godfather to Medvedchuk’s legitimate children.





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