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Ukraine Fascist Leader Turchynov Captured Trying To Flee Accross Russian Border (Unconfirmed Report)

imagesFormer Ukrainian Fascist leader and US Puppet have reportedly been captured along with a many vehicles and personel in his convoy whilst crossing the border with Russia after they became the victims of heavy fire by the Republic of Novoruss Self-Defence Forces. Turchynov was photographed in front of a separatist flag for subversive propaganda purposes before being whisked away to an undisclosed location for a series of interrogations.

The captured convoy which was the subject of recent NATO allegations of Russian supply of military vehicles to the separatists has been touring the region to celebrate the arrival of Turchynov as special guest of the Peoples Republic of Novoruss.

The captured vehicles were included but not limited to 4 x T-64 tanks, 4 x APCs, 8 Ural trucks , two of them with small cannons. Also in the column were 4 armored cars: 2 SUV’s and 2 minibuses, a slightly used armoured transport vehicles used to transport VIPs of Kiev junta; 2 UAZ cars for army staff.





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