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Order by The Other Russia. All Help Slavyansk!


natsbolThe South-East of Ukraine is a full-scale war. Key events occur Slovyansk where defense held, including our comrades – the NBP. If Slovyansk fall, all the power of the Ukrainian army will fall to other cities of New Russia. Slovyansk – Stalingrad is our time.

The immediate task – defending Slovyansk then – Novorossia release, and meanwhile to conduct political work to create the People’s Republic of Kharkov: http://vk.com/drugoross?w=wall-55790675_22947, http://www.drugros.ru/news / 4090.html.

Party supports fighting Slovyansk (and Kramatorsk) possible support: targeted forwards there volunteers, medicines and other humanitarian assistance. Head Colonel Strelkova requires strengthen this work. Without exception, all regions should help the Centre in this noble cause.

In this connection, to help organize the collection Slavic regional offices party needs in every city to open a collection point for humanitarian aid for the needs of Slavic and Kramators’k who are now most in need and where our brothers are fighting the NBP. Party should not disperse its efforts and act centrally in one direction. Now Slavic help, then they will help us in the liberation of Kharkov.

In the first place there is need for medications (analgesics, antibiotics, insulin, hemostatic dressings) sample list: http://limonov-eduard.livejournal.com/486403.html.

Beyond this there is the need for products with a long shelf life (canned food, sugar cereals), children’s things (clothes, toys), bedding (sleeping bags, foam, pillows, blankets), etc.

otherIn addition, in the region an acute shortage of qualified doctors: http://www.drugros.ru/news/4095.html

Volunteers Wanted: http://www.drugros.ru/news/4062.html
and ammunition for volunteers: http://interbrigada.org/zdes-nuzhno-bukvalno-vsyo/

Also required funds:

Details for assistance:
Sberkarta: № 67628038 8163963975

Yandex Money: 41001194162 59 99

Kiwi purse: 985 771 04 43

All regional offices during the week need to organize collection points assistance and report the coordinates to the center.

Responsible for organizing aid southeastern Ukraine is a member of the executive committee of the party “Other Russia” Sergei Fomchenkov: fomchenkov.s@gmail.com

knRALLY_narrowweb__300x381,0Bring all the above information to the personnel.


The Executive Committee of the party “Other Russia”












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