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Battalion “Kiev” Forcibly Sent to Fight on the Eastern Ukraine

Battalion “Kiev”, created to protect the Ukrainian capital, without permission thrown into the combat area to the east of Ukraine. As they say relatives of the soldiers, members of the battalion no ammunition, or even body armor. They went to the building of the General Staff of the Defense Ministry to demand the return of the soldiers in the place of permanent deployment or at least doekipirovki battalion.

12th Battalion of the territorial defense of Kiev, which was established to protect the Ukrainian capital (protection of bridges, TV towers and other facilities in the city), was forcibly sent to the zone of military operation in the south-east of Ukraine. In the battalion includes reservists residents of Kiev, according to the portal “of Korrespondent.net.”

According to local media, the battalion was thrown into the NTS area without body armor and ammunition. June 18 relatives of soldiers came to picket the building of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to stop the actions of the Ukrainian authorities and unarmed soldiers to return to the place of permanent deployment.

Relatives of soldiers claim that the battalion “Kiev” was sent to the east of Ukraine illegally – there was no order nor any other documents that would permit sending members territorial battalion fighting. “They simply can not survive this night – lit one of the protesters. – They have no ammunition. They need to reinforcements and ammunition. “ “They started from the not say where they were taken. Though earlier, they were promised that they would be only in Kiev “- resents another woman, whose son serves in the battalion.

The authorities have already asked the Ukrainian capital military leadership to withdraw the battalion “Kiev” from the area of ​​ATU. This decision, as explained in the Kyiv city administration, was made under pressure from relatives of members of the battalion, who demanded that their relatives were sent for permanent dislocation in Kiev. This was stated by the head of the KSCA Vladimir Bondarenko.

Bondarenko insists that the battalion “Kiev” should remain in the Ukrainian capital and perform its direct functions, rather than fight in the south-east of the country. Chapter KSCA stressed that the decision to send a battalion of “Kiev” in the zone of hostilities was made within the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Kiev authorities not consistent.

In turn Bondarenko has already stated that the battalion “Kiev”, though he reports directly to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, was created entirely on sponsorship money. And, despite the fact that the provision of personnel should be carried out only by the Ministry of Defence spending on ukomplektatsiya Battalion “Kiev” were made by sponsors, said the head of the KSCA.

Earlier media reported the plight in which the battalion “Kiev” in the Luhansk region. Journalists reported that the soldiers of the battalion have little or no equipment, and even themselves ask about doukomlektatsii.




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