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Senior Officers Suspected of Supporting Seperatists in Ukraine


eff1100a1f4269bbc82e706d80eea9abA Lieutenant Colonel Ukrainian Spetsnaz Intelligence suspects treason top leadership of the Armed Forces. Accusations were made in an interview with the online channel Hromadske.tv, given on condition of anonymity. In his speech, the officer said that the leak is at the level of the General Staff.

“We’re going to explore – we sit, we are waiting for an ambush! Who does it? We do not know. So we have a lot of failures. I would like to tell you honestly, we sell for pennies! We give the job – we do it, but we lose people. Why are there waiting for us? Do not sell us when we go to investigate. Do not check us when we go on cleaning “green stuff.” Do notdonate us! “ – Requests the commando.

Suspicions against senior Ukrainian army officials was not sound the first time. After the crash at the airport of the Lugansk IL-76 transport plane which was according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine hit by separatists but “Donbass” Battalion commander Semen Sementchenko made claims against the General Staff.

“Who is responsibile for the deaths of 49 Marines besides the direct perpetrators against the Airbourne Paratrooper Unit. Who could not know that the terrorists are armed with tanks and even have an open border andwho have available MANPADS. Where is the military intelligence and where is their assessment of the situation, where are the predictions of risk and who’s next? “ – Sementchenko wrote in his Facebook page.

On borad the crashed plane were nine crew members and 40 paratroopers, they all died.

In late May, the same Sementchenko declared betrayal by Ukrainian milkitary leaders that led the battalion “Donbass” straight into an ambushed by separatists. “I am confident that the route of our movement was known beforehand by the terrorists. Since the observation of conventiona checkponts by sepefratists is usually not observed,” – said the commander in social networks .

There are also allegations of traitors in the ranks of law enforcement agencies invetsigates after the tragedy on May 2 in Odessa. Head of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region, Ivan Katerynchuk said that during the investigation into the riots in Odessa criminal investigation revealed two groups, whose members had sold ammunition to extremists. Head of Research Affairs reported that defendants seized hundreds of rounds of small arms ammunition. As stressed by Ivan Katerynchuk, it was only due to the vigilance of guards that the arsenal that fell into the hands of terrorists was not directed against its citizens.

In addition, the Communist Party of Ukraine is suspected of collaborating with separatists in the south-east of Ukraine according to the report published on a Russian online news website Hromadske.tv.




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