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Putin- Poroshenko Peace Plan Proposed Pheww

A proposed peace plan has been discussed by Russian leader Putin and new Ukrainian President Poroshenko and a long and extensive hook up on the phone. Bringing peace to Ukraine is considered as a matter of urgency by the U.S. regime after Obama recently has withdrawn objection to Syrian President Assad staying on in power.

The New York Times reported:

In a speech at the graduation of the National Defence University on Wednesday, Mr. Poroshenko described the conflict in eastern Ukraine as a new, more sinister brand of warfare. “This is a new type of war, using professional, subversive groups, mercenaries, volunteers, local people,” he said, according to the UNIAN news service. “These volunteers and the local people are brainwashed, with a large component of information warfare.”

Mr. Poroshenko expressed confidence that Ukraine would prevail in the fight. “We will win,” he said.

Russia has insisted that it does not control or speak for the pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, but senior Russian officials, including the foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, have insisted that the Ukrainian government must stop its military crackdown in the east and also expressed confidence that rebels would then put down their arms.

We think his reference to professional volunteers meant people who receive unemployment benefits, were not quite sure what ‘professional subversive groups’ mean but are hopeful that we are counted amongst its number. The continuation of violent conflict or non-asymmetrical warfare in the Russian-Ukraine border areas of the Donbass.

For Poroshenko the dangers of continued conflict range from a declining value of his personal fortune due to the stalled economic activity in Ukraine, the tiring of the United States in facing criticism over its sponsorship of fascist in Ukraine, and the most dangerous that these now armed members of fascist and neo-Nazi groups will turn of Poroshenko and themselves attempt a new coup.

For Putin the risks are just as great. Russia has already suffered enormous economic damaged due to conflicts and the longer it continues the grater the damage. This could lead to greater support for Neo-Stalinist Alliance between ten Communist Party, Rodina and National Bolshevik Party. Already support in the armed forces has shifted to this Neo-Stalinist block especially considering their active support and participation in the events in the Ukraine. Putin risk losing this support and faces being removed from power by the military and secret services which has been reported as sponsoring the uprising in the Donbass against instructions from Putin to keep out of the conflict.

The peace plan discussions are thought to include the discussion of the following points:

  • Cease fire and withdrawal of all National Guard and Ukraine Military personnel from the Donbass
  • The shutdown and disarming of the National Guard , UNA and Right Sector militia’s
  • The potential of the dissolving of parliament and the introduction of martial law
  • The withdrawal of foreign fighters from all sides of the conflict
  • Deferral of the Ukrainian gas debt and the reintroduction of subsidises gas from Russia
  • The reestablishment of Ukrainian border posts
  • The holding of new parliamentary elections and allowing of the Communist Party and the Party of the Regions to participate
  • The arrest of those who participated in violence in Odessa
  • The reopening of mining and steel production activity in the Donbas area
  • The potential for a internationally supervised referendum for all Ukrainian regions including Crimea about whether they want to stay a part of the Ukraine

The BBC article also noted that Poroshenko has started to shift responsibility down to the lower sectors of government in attempt shift blame away from himself. It noted that when talking about a proposed ceasefire Russian state media were quoted as pointing to possible scapegoats for the violence in the Donbass, ‘Mr Avakov and Igor Kolomoisky, governor of Dnipropetrovsk, are accused of organising military operations, including rocket strikes, in cities such as Donetsk, Sloviansk and Mariupol that left more than 100 dead’. This week looks like being a very interesting week in Eastern Europe.

see our earlier report on possible martial law for Ukraine





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