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here is a yandexed selection from voice of sevastapol’s daily diary for today


The war in the South East Online
Voices from Sevastopol, Jun 17 2014

Online text broadcasting all the events occurring in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and in the former South-East of Ukraine. In this post we publish all materials, photos and videos we receive online from the zone of military conflict in the South-East.

21-40, According to information from local residents, about 21.00 Moscow time through the village Republic (Donetsk region) in direction of Mariupol was a large military convoy junta. Direction, in the direction of Mariupol, but most likely continue along rotated Donetsk.

1 part of the column (about 21.00):
3 BMD + antiaircraft guns on the trailer. (3-4 soldier on the armour)
4 BMD + gun on the trailer. (3-4 soldier on the armour)
16 BMP (about 10 soldiers on armoured)
2 lorry (with barrels trailer)
3 KAMAZ with trailers (probably tents, etc.)
2 ambulances
Truck 1 UAZ.

2 part…

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