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Peoples Self Defence Forces of Donetsk and Lughansk Scoresheet Week 7

score card

Achievements of Peoples’ Defense in seven weeks:

1440 Kiev junta militants have been destroyed including one junta general, the following machinery has been destroyed: 14 combat helicopters, 18 BMP’s, 26 BTR’s, two NONA SP artillery units, 1 tank, one AN-30 air scout, one SU-25 jet, 6 trucks, one GRAD rocket launcher, two Uragan multiple rocket launcher system and one strategic airlifter Il-76.

The following has been taken under control: 10 BTR’s, one T-34 tank, two SP artillery units, 5 BMP’s, 5 buses, three T-64 tanks.

Three SBU Alfa special forces infiltrators have been captured, 468 of so called “national guards” have been surrounded and disarmed.







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