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Donbass People Say No U.S. Biological Lab in Kharkov

Despite the declared neutral status of Ukraine, the last regularly conducts exercises with NATO. Nadavno learned about Washington’s plans to build a shocking near Kharkov (a few tens of kilometers from the border with Russia) my virus lab. Moreover, the laboratory will be subject to regime military U.S. Department of Defense! So the access of Ukraine will be closed. And what will be, and against whom the Pentagon to prepare viruses remain behind a veil sekretnosti.Ot former republic’s sovereignty remained sleda.poslednee time and media materials began to appear that the U.S. military is very active in the territory raises Ukrainian state microbiological laboratories constitute a potential threat to the population. In particular, it is about building in Kharkiv region abstracts central laboratory, which planned to build near the village Merefa Shelkostantsiya.

It should be noted that this is not the only American paramilitary biolaboratoriya built on Ukrainian territory. Back in 2010 was put into operation to Odessa, whose main objective was to study highly dangerous pathogens. However, while no complaints public appearance lab caused. Now residents of Kharkiv region concerned so dangerous neighborhood.

The main reason that most major joint Ukrainian-American project to create a modern laboratories in the regions of Ukraine did not advertise much, and that the population actually knows nothing about its aims and objectives, is that there are certain side effects of medical and military cooperation, which conducted through the Pentagon. It is noteworthy that recall the existence of at least one same or similar project, which would have been so generously funded by the Americans, will not work, because there are not any.

Very interesting is the reaction of the government and the Ministry of Health on the development of this project. The press has repeatedly appeared information that, under the guise of the epidemiological situation in the country can be carried out particularly dangerous experiments that threaten the life of the population, that foreign corporations and agencies established nearly complete control over the system of national veterinary and sanitary-epidemiological service, and that further project threatens the very existence of Ukraine sciences such as virology and microbiology. Despite all this, the officials took no action to deal with the situation.

And if the laboratory in Odessa was established under the Agreement on Cooperation in the industry to prevent pathogens and technologies that can be used to create biological weapons, became a core laboratory for studying human pathogens, the Kharkov supposed to do basic laboratory for the study of animal pathogens.

Let’s analyze what is actually happening in Merefa. So, Shelkostantsii existed until 2008 Institute of sericulture, which is then reorganized in the research department of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Veterinary Medicine. This reorganization, primarily indicates that sericulture in our country is experiencing hard times, despite the assurances of the Director of the newly established Institute B.Stegniya. The main reason for the reorganization, according to him is to detect recently intensified dangerous diseases: anthrax, rabies. It is not excluded and the return of diseases that can not be treated by conventional methods, as well as those which have long forgotten: plague, smallpox. That is why it is necessary to create new research centers and research laboratories could be working on to prevent their occurrence and distribution.

Of course, the mission is very noble, and with such arguments is difficult to disagree. However, on the other hand, up to this time and sanepidemstantsii, and veterinary somehow manage to cope with the emergence of infectious diseases. Thus, there is a doubt that Americans simply from good intentions decided to create their own laboratories to simply raise the level of Ukrainian system of biological safety, because this would be enough to provide Ukrainian colleagues with modern equipment and a little brush up. Moreover, the Ukrainian State Veterinary Service in the current year has been recognized as one of the best in Europe’s monitoring, detection and prevention of animal diseases.

So quite naturally the question arises: why Americans took to improve what is recognized the best and will not upgrade to whether such a total collapse of the domestic well-functioning surveillance system?

Of course, Ukraine participates in the Biological Threat Reduction, the author of which is the America. But do not forget that the validity of the program expired at the end of May this year. Thus, any new construction of U.S. laboratories in Ukraine simply illegal. It is possible that the U.S. will try to extend the term of the agreement, but it will take more than one meeting at the highest political level and, accordingly, more than one month, or even a year.

U.S. officials assert that the new lab poses no threat to the public, and that placing it in Merefa chosen because of the existence there autonomous closed drainage, which is not related to city utilities. However, local environmentalists remind us that far from the intended construction site Rzhavchik small river. And in the case of a random accident most of the eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as part of Russia will be under threat of especially dangerous diseases.

It becomes clear why the locals are so scared and worried. However, as already noted, the authorities did not respond to numerous petitions and applications from residents of the town of initiative groups. In the heart of the problems no one really does not want to delve into, doing traditional formal replies. Thus, in particular, S.Chernov, head of the Kharkiv regional council asked residents to enable the appropriate services to perform safety checks of construction and, if necessary, to move the construction site (despite its illegality). Other policies of the same opinion. Moreover, some even claim that the creation of the new laboratory will create many jobs for the local population. You would think that in a small town half of the population – Microbiology and Virology … And besides, in the laboratories of this type of work no more than 10-15 people. So that such arguments may not be sufficient for the people.

Meanwhile, residents Shelkostantsii collected hundreds of signatures against the construction of the laboratory in 70 steps from their homes and send letters to various authorities. “We will not allow this construction and we will fight against the invasion of the invaders who want to turn Ukraine into a testing ground for questionable technology. Otherwise die of mankind “- said” lead “the chairman of the Ecological Society” Zelena Tower “Nikolai Ruchkin.


“This facility will be subject to regime military U.S. Department of Defense! Such is already in Georgia! Neither we nor the whole Merefa do not need it. We have already collected the signatures of the majority of the villagers and stop the project will require. We do not want to be used as guinea pigs in the development of biological weapons. We understand that the laboratory is designed to examine the effect of pathogens on the environment and humans. City Merefa – an unfortunate place for such construction “, – under such treatment podpsialis hundreds of locals.

In light of the above must be said that the representatives of the U.S. military have begun to implement a strategy that aims at forcing Ukraine to prolong the agreement on the reduction of biological threats. In particular, the company is engaged in this “Black and Witch”, which works in post-Soviet countries since the early 2000s. In Ukraine, the first phase of the company began in 2005, when it was signed and the above-mentioned Agreement. Validity of its expired, just as accreditation “Black and Witch.”

Generally speaking, in the whole history of the Americans with many uncertainties. So, for example, causes some confusion very phrase “biological threat reduction in Ukraine.” The question is, who threatened the country or who threatened her? About what kind of biological threat is it? Why does it actively promoted the American military, and not the Ministry of Health? Why for experiments to reduce biougrozy was selected epidemiologically prosperous country, and not some African or South Asian countries, where the epidemic is constantly taking place?

And it is quite simple: it is no secret that the Americans have been trying to bring Ukraine closer to the realization of their biological defense project. So we can say that the Ukrainian and American interests in this case does not match can and Ukraine stands just a convenient testing ground for the most dangerous infections derived, moreover, in the same Ukrainian laboratories.

As you know, the Americans want to take control of all biological technology in the world, because it promises a multibillion-dollar profits. However, if previously they were covered against biological weapons, it is now time to add another argument – “the struggle against international terrorism.”

In the 90s of the last century in Geneva was developed additional protocol of the Geneva Convention of 1972, which prohibited to engage in the development, production and stockpiling of biological weapons. In this case it was an effective control mechanism, because if chemical or nuclear weapons can be calculated, the biological weapons similar technique can not be applied. Then the list was agreed, which included 33 of the microorganism (they are considered as potential components of biological weapons). Everything was good, but the Americans in 2001, refused to sign the document, referring to the fact that many of his point against the interests of American national security. All work on the protocol have been discontinued, and after a few months in America scandal envelopes with white powder, which is expected to contain anthrax. It is noteworthy that since the early 90s in the United States began a mass vaccination against the disease …

Meanwhile, according to some experts, the American draft Biological Threat Reduction – this is nothing but an attempt to create a genetically engineered biological weapons. The mechanism is very simple: in a certain area cleared the virus, whose properties are checked on a group of Ukrainian residents through a network of laboratories. After the start of the epidemic in the disaster area sent a test batch of drugs or anti-virus, and then – American pharmacists begin to siphoning money from the pockets of Ukrainians (drugs need something!). Of course, all this is more like a regular American horror film, but who can guarantee that a certain percentage of truth in all this?

Proof that the United States may well be engaged in developing biological weapons, can serve as the fact that in Georgia until recently there was a laboratory for the study of a number of viruses, even those who have never met in the territory of the former Soviet Union and from which existing vaccines powerless. The greatest concern is the Bank of dangerous pathogens ostroprotekayuschih diseases, which was created during the US-Georgia Research. According to some sources, similar experiments were carried out in Vietnam, where the U.S. military used against locals unknown species of biological and chemical weapons.

Fortunately, at the beginning of this year, the American Biological Laboratory in Georgia was closed. One can only hope and believe that the Ukrainian authorities will be wise enough to do the same, because the interests of the native state and the health of its citizens is more important free laboratories pathogenic viruses and patogenami.http :/ / ungu.org /? P = 9484


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