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Mystery Airforce Wings Found In Lughansk Wreckage Thought to Be US Army Qualified Paratroop Rigger Badge

Mystery surronds the discovery by Self-Defence forces of a mystery set of paratroop rigger wings that are not Ukrainian.

They are thought to belong to one of approximately ten US Army Qualifield Paratrooper who were picked up on the plane through heat signals by a new but still in development mixed infrared and radar system tracking system.

Unverified flight chatter downloaded posted on LiveLeaks has appeared and reports to be a Radio Chatter between the plane after it was hit and circeled the airport an American calling for ‘dustoff’ and ‘casvac’ which at the time were thought to attempts to call in airstrikes but latter reveal to be references calling for medical attention for those injured on the plane.

The Ukrainian army aircraft Il-76 plane crashed shortly after and the huge fireball the resulted was thought to have been caused by exploding white phosphorus ordinacne.

US Parachute Riggers Badge        Badge found at the crash scene
Ukrainian Paratrooper Badge
Is it or isnt it a US Paratrooper Riggers Badge who knows only a close thourogh independent inspection and investigation into the badge and into the crash debries will determine. the truth.
Things that make you hmmmmmm






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