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Die Linke Leader Sahra Wagenknech Labels Poroshenko a Traitor to the Ukrainian People

gsfsThe Die Linke parties, Sahra Wagenknecht, has made a resounding statement in the German Bundestag.

Addressing Angela Merkel, she accused the German state leader deceiving the German people and criticised her for supporting criminal regime of Ukraine whose president Peter Poroshenko she labelled as a trader.

“Our government supports forces that were said promote democracy and and intergration Europe, who were against the oligarchs, poverty and corruption. Today you support the government in which four ministers are from the fascist Nationalist Party and openly against Jews and Russians, the government that is waging a war against its own people. I do not support the President who campaigned with his television on his election stolen billions of dollars from his own people. ”

Moreover, the leftist MP revealed that after 100 years of the First World War and the horrors of the Second World War, Germany is attempting to incite a new war in Central Europe.

“Ukraine is mired in civil war. You have deceived our society and move in silence with what is happening in reality. You do not say anything about the fact that Ukrainian oligarchs, as well as Taliban leaders, finance their armies and plunder their countries without shame. ”

Sahra Wagenknecht accuses German Chancellor Merkel that is involved in that poverty in Europe continues to grow.

“If poverty population continues to grow, if inequality out of control, such a Europe will die. And however you are still guilty Merkel. You betrayed Europe! ”

Sahar Wagenknecht called irresponsible Merkel’s policy of sanctions against Russia, which for a long time laughing U.S. oil and gas conglomerates.

“Peace and security in Europe is impossible without Russia and especially against Russia,” said deputy Sahra Wagenknecht.

daf  Wahlkampfveranstaltung Die Linke mit Sahra Wagenknecht Sahra



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