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Leaked Photo Shows fmr Ukraine President Turchinov Comanding Mercanaires in Eastern Ukrainian

LiveLeak-dot-com-c46_1402173132-10340144_652564528164543_118751013013445_1402173146.jpg.resizedA leaked email from former Ukrainian Fascist leader Turchinov shows leading Polish mercanaires in Donetsk and Lughanck Republics.

A photo in the email shows Turchinov giving orders to Polish Foreign Affairs official Jerzy Dziewulski who is also the owner of a mercanary companmy that deals exclusively with the UNited States to supply former soldiers to war zones such as Afganistan and Iraq. The picture is thought to be taken near the Lughansk city of Kharkiv.

The picture proves that the United States is sending mercanaries to kill Ukrainian and Russian citizens in the former Ukrainian eastern teritories.



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