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People’s Self-Defense Forces of Donbass Score Sheet #>6.6.14

10443994_634885876603371_2436078955571341476_nThere are more and more achievements by the People’s Defense Forces of Donbass after every day of protecting the southeast. During full five weeks the defense forces have destroyed at least;

  • 1200 Kiev junta troops
  • 12 helicopters
  • 5 BMP’s
  • 2 self-propelled NONA artillery units
  • 12 BTR’s
  • 1 tanks
  • 1 SU-25 fighter jet
  • 1 AN 30 jet
  • 1 junta general
  • 4 KAMAZ trucks.

The following has been confirmed captured and taken under control;

  • 10 BTR’s
  • one T-34 tanks
  • 5 buses
  • two NONA-S self-propelled artillery units
  •  5 BMP’s.
  • Three infiltrators from SBY Alfa unit have been taken prisoners
  • 440 militants from so-called National Guards have been surrounded and disarmed

Note the following are inclusive of anti-fascist forces under the direct control of the People’s Self-Defense Forces of Donbass and do not included captures or kills of independent force fight against the Ukrainian fascist junta with the permission of Donbass authorities.


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