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Russians Miss Jen Psaki and Want Her Back

Jen-PsakiYesterday, on June 5, the question: “Where did Jen Psaki go?” stirred up Russia’s blogosphere. Jen’s disappearance sparked a heated debate on whether the State Department’s spokesperson had resigned from her post or just gone on vacation.

Numerous Russian internet users expressed their deep disappointment with the spokeswoman’s absence: Jen’s controversial and sometimes absurd comments regarding American and international affairs had already become a sort of entertainment for multi-million Russian audience and given birth to the popular neologism, “psaking”.

Even Russia’s Permanent UN Representative, Vitaly Churkin looked concerned when asked by reporters what happened to Psaki: he said he hoped she would “appear again,” as he’d always “found it very interesting to listen to her.”

The rumor of Psaki’s resign was based on the fact that Marie Harf replaced her colleague during the latest State Department’s daily press briefing. It immediately became the source of countless jokes and funny cartoons. Hashtag #savepsaki with the demand to return the notorious Obama’s administration employee to the State Department’s office has flown around the Internet. Some wags ironically bemoaned Jen Psaki’s poor knowledge of geography suggesting that the spokesperson got lost somewhere near the “seashores of [the landlocked] Belarus.” Others asked whom the brilliant AP writer Matthew Lee would conduct his witty dialogs with, admitting that the State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf couldn’t be compared to Jennifer Psaki, a favorite of Russia’s TV viewers and Internet users.

ugguugghFrankly, the US State Department should definitely pay more attention to the quality of work of its press service, as their spokespersons’ statements, particularly regarding the Ukrainian conflict and Russia’s role in it, often contradict reality and defy common sense. That’s why the word “psaking”, a term that characterizes irresponsible and incompetent policies of Obama’s administration, has gained extraordinary popularity among Russian and international audience.

In response to Russian bloggers’ concerns Jen Psaki wrote a message on Twitter, saying: “Despite the Russian propaganda machine suggesting otherwise… I am still here as is a strong, democratic Ukraine #dontbelieveRT
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One thought on “Russians Miss Jen Psaki and Want Her Back

  1. need to boost the sound. Good article.

    Posted by EpluribusUNO. | June 25, 2014, 5:09 pm

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