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Ukraine Attack on Slavyank Update

“At the moment, the tank attack on Slavyansk is going in two directions – from the Krasniy Liman to Semenovka,” – the representative of the militia told RIA Novosti.

The self-defense forces report that there are 3-4 tanks trying to attack the militias in Semyenovka village, which has been fired this morning from self-propelled mortars “Tulip”.

Moreover several tanks have been noticed at the entrance to Slavyansk from the Krasniy Liman side. According to militia, they have managed to shot-up one of the tanks from the portable missile complex “Faggot”.

Representatives of DPR self-defense also said that other suburban areas of Slavyansk are under the fire. Militia said that the Ukrainian military have used “Grad”, mortars and howitzers “Acacia”. There is no information on the dead and injured at the moment

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