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Interviews with Denis Pushilin, Prime Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic

8Interview with Denis Pushilin, prime minister of Donetsk People’s Republic

From editors of Xportal.pl:On May 27th, DURING visit in Donetsk , the editors of Xportal.pl Obtained an exclusive Opportunity to Interview the Prime MINISTER of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin. During our conversation the attack on the city have begun. It was carried mainly from the air by troops loyal to Kyiv, and was repulsed by the insurgents, despite many losses in their ranks.

Bartosz Bekier: Will the declaration of cooperation between Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics be a step towards forming independent Novorossiya?

Denis Pushilin: It is possible that it will be Novorossiya, but it is just one of the possible endings. We do not rule out that we will go further, even much further.

BB In that case, is joining the Russian Federation one of the possibilities?

  1. It is also considered, but the first step will be Novorossiya.This may be the beginning of a wider unification: it is possible that other republics and Transnistria will join us, because several western regions declared their readiness to conduct a referendum.

BB Because of biased media coverage of developments in Ukraine, Poles lack information regarding the crimes perpetrated by kievan junta. What could you tell about them?

DP The most important thing that should not be hidden from the media, the society as a whole and those media who present reality as it is, is the fact that everyday our people are dying. The worst thing is that the army is being used against its own nation. It is absurd. The so-called “anti-terrorist operation” is nothing less than using the army against the people. Regardless how bad Yanukovych was as a president, he would never issue that kind of order, even when he had the chance to do it against the Maidan. The army has sworn allegiance to the people and now is being used to destroy the people. It is a most horrible crime. Another one is what happened few weeks ago in Odessa. People were burned alive. Since World War II nothing like that happened here, and now we can say we were watching it live one air – on Youtube there are many materials. Another terrible fact: the youth that took part in this is supported by the junta, the political elites. Not only it is immoral, but also leads to the escalation of conflict and shows that in the Ukraine Nazism exists. Poland also suffered because of it. Your grandparents who survived it surely remember. This time a similar fire has broken out in Ukrainian territory. If Luhansk and South-East would not rise up, this fire could spread further. This is why we regret that Europe does not react, does not try to resist against those Nazis. Speaking about history, we should remember that even German Nazis despised Bandera and his followers, they were frightened by their groundless ferocity. And now those people appear again, out of nowhere, and were used in the coup d’etat that installed these new “authorities” in Kiev.

BB In Poland there is a widespread belief that Donetsk People’s Republic exists only thanks to Russian support. I would like to ask – if it is not classified information – what means of defence does the Republic have, and do you fear Ukrainian intervention?

DP We will do whatever it takes to defend by ourselves with what we have – volunteers and equipment. We were not preparing for war, or even revolution – it is a genuine popular uprising. As I said, we will do whatever it takes to defend by ourselves, but we cannot exclude the possibility of asking Russia for deploying peacekeeping forces, because tanks and Grad artillery systems are used against our people. It is an asymmetric conflict. We do not have such weapons, but we also do not want it to be used on our land, because we do not want to destroy it. We are in our own home, we are not guests. We do not impose our opinion on others, but on our land we have got the right to decide what is good and bad for us, who is the hero, and who is the Nazi, what monuments we should erect and what language we want to use. We have nothing against other languages. Our Donbass is a multiethnic region, we are tolerant towards others. There were no ethnically motivated conflicts here. Neither between Russians and Ukrainians nor Jews or people from the Caucasus, although in other places such conflicts happened. The aim of present kievan propaganda is to rouse hatred between Russians and Ukrainians through distortion of history, insulting the common history of our ancestors, who acted together during various historical circumstances. Who profits from this? External forces. That means, the propaganda has geopolitical background. Its goal is to divide the state into smaller countries, to make manipulating the region easier, to impose WMF credits etc. on them and then steer them, just like it is happening with Yatsenyuk, Turchinov and others in Kiev. It is pretty obvious.

BB We would like to ask about social and economical system that will be introduced in Donetsk People’s Republic. There are lots of speculations appearing about nationalization, fighting the oligarchs etc.

DP It is not that we are planning to introduce some rigid system – we do not plan to introduce communism, for example. The news about nationalization concern only the key branches of industry that were really stolen from the people. It has nothing to do with small or average companies. It is the other way round – we plan to help them. The Ukrainian criminal oligarchy was corrupted to the bone and all attempts of conducting fair business were blocked on different levels. Those who managed to succeed are either heroes or criminals, because the conditions led them to creating various modes of conduct to exist in business spheres. Apart from increasing taxes, many institutions forced them to bribery. We are planning to get rid of this and change the situation.

BB Last question: What would you say to all the Poles who are against atlanticism and the presence of NATO bases and American troops in Poland?

DP I have got a big request to the Poles whose eyes are open: remember your roots! You are Slavs too. Look, there are more that unites us than divides us. Only because political ambitions of recent times we have been put on other sides of barricades. It is what the external forces want: to divide Slavs, to make them easier to manipulate. United, we can live like our ancestors. Revive their values, such different from today’s, values ​​that will not allow the destruction of our traditions. It may be, that our actions today are the beginning of Slavic unification.


For Xportal’a Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk National Republic

May 27, during a trip to Donetsk , editors Xportal. pl found the opportunity to interview the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Denis Pushilin. During the conversation started air attack by the forces of Kiev, which was repulsed by the rebels without losses in their ranks.

Bartosz Becker: Is the proclamation of cooperation between Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic beginning of the creation of a sovereign state Novorossia?

Denis Pushilin: maybe it will be the New Russia. But the New Russia – this is just one of the options. Not exclude the possibility that we can go further and even much further.

BB: in this case, one option could be called the inclusion of the Russian Federation?

DP: this option we are considering, but the first step is to create a New Russia. Perhaps it will be the beginning of a wider association: we can join Transnistria and other republics as several western regions expressed their desire to hold a referendum.

BB: because in Poland we are faced with a reduced format broadcast the events in Ukraine, Poles do not know anything about the crimes committed by the junta Kiev. What could you tell us about them?

DP: The most important thing is that you can not hide from the media, from the general public, from that of the press, which truly reflects what is happening – is that every day people are dying, our. Terrible that the army is used against its own people. It is a historical nonsense. So-called “anti-terrorist operation” – it is nothing like using the army to kill its own people. And no matter how bad nor was Yanukovych, he would never have given such an order, although he could do so on the Maidan. Army, when created, gave oath to the people, and now it’s forced to destroy it. This is a terrible crime. Another monstrous crime in the last days – these are the events in Odessa. People burned alive! Nothing like this happened since the Second World War, and now we have witnessed this, we can say live – posted on YouTube a lot of material. Next terrible fact: young people who directly participated in the crime, Kiev supported the junta and the political elite. This is not just immoral, it leads to an escalation of conflict and suggests that in Ukraine there Nazism. Poland in its recent history also encountered this, so your grandparents must still remember that. And now a hotbed originated in the Ukraine; if Southeast, Lugansk did not rebel against it, it would spread and focus on. We are very sorry that Europe is responding to, does not oppose this neo-Nazis. Looking back, even the Nazis themselves as Nazis, despised Bandera supporters, their terrified unwarranted aggression of the latter. And now these people have risen out of nowhere, with their help was a coup d’etat in Kiev and there was the so-called “power”.

Bb: in Poland there is a belief that there is only DNR thanks to the support of Russia. I want to ask if this information is not a secret, whether the DNI own resources for defense and not you afraid of intervention.

DP: We will make every effort to protect its own – that is at our disposal, ie, militias and weapons. We are not ready for war, nor even to the revolution, it is now a popular uprising. But even though we ourselves will make all possible efforts for the defense, we can not exclude that we turn to Russia for entering peacekeeping forces, since it is already used against our citizens such weapons as tanks, Grad. And we do not have the like, and furthermore, do not want it used on our land. We do not want to destroy it, because we have to live here. We are at home, we are not guests; we do not impose their views to anyone, but here we have the right to decide what is bad for us, and what is good; who is the hero and who is a Nazi, which monuments will stand with us, and which will not; in what language we want to talk. We have nothing against other languages, we are always quite tolerant towards others. And Donbass – it really is a multi-ethnic land. But we never had ethnic conflict between Russian and Ukrainians, nor even with the Jews or the representatives of the Caucasus, while in other regions can be observed a similar phenomenon. And now Kiev propaganda aims to incite hatred between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples through distortion of history, the desecration of joint actions of our ancestors, who have always stood shoulder to shoulder in different political situations. Who benefits? External forces. This means that this propaganda has geopolitical nature. It is aimed at the disintegration of the state into small education, then to impose on them, for example, a loan from the IMF, etc., to facilitate manipulation of the territory, as is currently happening in Kiev Yatsenyuk Turchynov and the like.

Bb: we would like to ask about the future socio-economic structure of the DNI, because now there is a lot of speculation about nationalization, diversion oligarchs etc.

DP: we do not seek to any rigid framework; for example, our aim is not to establish communism. That can be heard on nationalization concerns only major industries that were actually stolen from the people. This does not apply to small and medium-sized businesses. On the contrary, we intend to help him. The fact that during the existence of the state of Ukraine each branch of its internal system has established itself as an extremely corrupt. And those who could in such circumstances, to conduct business, either heroes or criminals, as they were forced to build a variety of schemes to simply exist in this area. In addition to the highest taxes, they were forced to bribe court at various levels. We intend to put an end to this situation and to bring in a different direction.

BB: And the last question. What would you say to the Poles, who do not support Atlanticism, are opposed to NATO bases in Eastern Europe?

DP: a big request to the Poles, who have opened their eyes to what is happening: remember your roots! You also Slavs. Look, we have more in common than divides us. Only the political ambitions of the last times we were placed on opposite sides. External forces that want: to divide us, to control us. And united we can live like our ancestors, to revive their values, which were quite different than today, and not allowed to destroy our traditions, handed down from generation to generation. Perhaps our actions today are a new start combining all of the Slavs.






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