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The Truth About Events In Ukraine: Why Not Introduce Russian Troops, or Realities that Need to be Considered

Russian_Empire-US_relations_mapYuri Fedorov
The short version of what is happening .

PURPOSE : The Department of European Russia , fatal sanctions for Russia and its destruction as a nation . The war in Europe . The main goal – survival of the U.S. as a country.

Successive steps :
1. Worsening situation in the East of Ukraine so that Russia imposed troops there .
2 . Entering Russian troops , a full-scale war. ( this is not the 10s , but thousands or tens of thousands of civilian casualties naeleniya )
3 . Sanctions around the world to Russia
4 . Reoriented Europe to the U.S. market , with the U.S. benefit greatly , and Europe loses much . The U.S. will not default. Europe will become impoverished .
5 . Already effective military assistance to Ukraine .
6. During the war connects NATO and other countries .
7. Weakening of Russia as a state. War and sanctions for five years to do much.
8. Physical separation of Russia into small states and the destruction of Russia as a federation.
9. U.S. survive as a state.

1. “Good Life” for the United States has no more than one or two years . Now there is no possibility not to print bucks (economics die ) and there is the ability to print on – came boundary beyond which the social sphere and suffer because of the large amount of dollars will get rid of this avalanche currency.
2 . , Russia (and its filing and China) wants to abandon the dollar in the calculations . It is death for the United States . They now live only on petrodollars .
3 . Russia woke up and becoming stronger and stronger . In a few years it will be impossible to do anything . Therefore, we must hurry USA.

1. Now to send troops to the East of Ukraine DO NOT .
2 . All means necessary to prevent possible provocations.
3 . Work in the legal field as possible .
4 . From understanding to Russian politics – it makes that can at the moment.
5 . Donbass never forget what happens . Ukraine, it will backfire anyway.

Do not throw their hats . I wrote this very short and light version. I just wanted to tell you that the world is so that any grandmother knew it …

Please convey this to the maximum number of Russians
To understand the situation .



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