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Save the Children of Donbass from the Ukrainian Army

donimagesSeveral thousand people gathered around the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine for rallies demanding international protection for their children against violent actions by the Ukrainian fascist authorities on Sunday for International Children’s Day.

Participants carried slogans “Save the Children of Donbass!”, “The Slavic World without Fascism,” “Protect the Children of Donbass against the Ukrainian Army.”

The worlds newest nation The Donetsk People’s Republic has planned to evacuate to Russia children from the town of Slavyansk, which is curently surrounded by the Ukrainian Amry forces and National Guard’s recruited from the Neo-Fascist Right Sector. “Children will evacuated in one or two busses, which will go firth to Donetsk and then to Russia, where the children will be accommodated at summer camps and holiday centres,” a spokesman said.

Several dozens of children have already been evacuated from the area where the Ukrainian authorities are carrying out an illegal punitive operation. The Ukrainian military have attmepted to stop busses from Slavyansk.

Save The Donbass Children from the Fascist Junta Army of Ukraine
We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

God is with us!

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