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The Farther Away from the Maidan, the Closer to the Truth


Washington awaits return on investment in gas Maidan

Editorial Voice of Russia

The farther away from the Maidan, the closer to the truth. Judging by the way the developing scenario in Ukraine, the country initially chosen for testing dirty energy technologies, experts say. Initiator, as it is not banal, USA. Therefore, blindly fulfilling the American plans, the current Kiev authorities and turn everything upside down. The reason for all – Ukraine’s gas reserves, shale and classic.

Washington’s interests are clear. Now his policy is based on the fact that, first, energetically tear Kiev from Moscow. And, secondly, to use Ukraine as a test site, where you can put the boldest environmental experiments. And what can be … very convenient to get. Legislative framework for oil shale in the country is not. Ukrainian ecologists, of course, be silent. Kiev authorities are on the hook. This explains the emergence of the management of one or another of the Ukrainian gas company of some American businessman. A striking example – the appointment of a board member Ukrainian Burisma Holdings Hunter Biden, the younger son of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

Not random and armed clashes in Lugansk, Slavic and Kramatorsk. Today in the Donetsk region battles are fought not only for cities and towns. Blood flows more and gas facilities. May 17, for example, building Kramatorsk control of main gas pipelines “Donbasstransgaz” was seized by unidentified gunmen. And from him, so, for a moment, depend on the supply of natural gas to large industrial facilities such national importance as Novokramatorsky Machine Works.

Against this background, begin to appear more and more statements of U.S. companies. One of them, Chevron, recently announced that the newly interested in the development of shale gas reserves in Ukraine. This was stated by CEO John Watson. In addition, the shareholders of the corporation have been told that the management is very closely following the events in Ukraine and is waiting for an opportunity to begin work. That is the point where nothing will prevent Ukrainian subsoil use at their discretion. It turns out that known for its fertile Ukrainian land will be farmed out to U.S. energy ambitions.

Therefore, for a reason, experts say, Defense Minister Igor Lugansk People’s Republic Carpenter sounding the alarm. Apparently, he was right, stating that the cause of the civil war in the south-east of Ukraine became the shale gas. After all, its main reservoir just where armed conflict is the most violent – between Lugansk, Slavonic and Kramatorsk.

Voice of Russia



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