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Ossetians Join Chenchens in Donetsk

During the Georgian aggression against Ossetia the famous “Vostok” battalion under the command of the Yamadayev brothers interveened and said the people for genocide. The Vostok Battalion disbanded a long ago time ago after the Yamadayev brothers were killed by Kadyrov, but the friendship and gratefullness amongst the Ossetians and Chechens remained courageous.

After a week head start the Ossetians have caught up with the Chechens in Doentsk.

Sergei Shargunov met with them a couple of days ago. One of his first questions: “Against whom are fighting guys?”

Instant and friendly response: “As against whom? We are here to fight against the Americans!”

The wiseness of this answer struck me and I felkt a pang in my heart as it is unfortanuate that many people still believe that it is the Russians who are fighting in Donetsk.

I, frankly, insanely struck this wise answer. Not feel the enemy head and heart … It is unfortunate that many – that the people that summit – still believe that it is Russian and Russian war with tufts.

The latest videos show the logic of the international militia.



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