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Who’s Who in Ukrainian Civial War


What Were the Volhynian Massacres?

What were the Volhynian Massacres? The Volhynian massacres were anti-Polish genocidal ethnic cleansings conducted by Ukrainian nationalists. The massacres took place within Poland’s borders as of the outbreak of WWII, and not only in Volhynia, but also in other areas with a mixed Polish-Ukrainian population, especially the Lvov, Tarnopol, and Stanisławów voivodeships (that is, in … Continue reading

History of Lvov Ukraine

Lvov, Ukraine Lvov is a city currently in the western Ukraine. Formerly the capital of the historic region of Galicia, Lvov has switched between many countries as a result of war and occupation. The Jewish community of Lvov can be traced back to the 14th century. Early History Prince Danylo Halytsky of Galicia founded Lvov … Continue reading

Ukraine Fascists Creating Child Soldiers to Attack their Own People

I Am Ukrianian Oops I Mean American

Oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk Leads Peace Delegation to Donbass

Ukraine Oligarch and potential future Prime Minister Viktor Medvedchuk has visited both Lughansk and Donetsk on behalf of current Ukraine President Poroshanko to discuss peace terms with the Donbass Rebels. Part of his proposed peace talks includes the roles of current militias in a future proposed Ukrainian federation. Prime Minister of the Donetsk Peoples Republic … Continue reading

Rusyns in Transcarpathia Want to Be Free Of The Fascist Opression of Galicia’s Greater Ukraine

Petr Getsko I The author of this article deeply convinced, that  Kiev junta lives last week of its existence . Insurgency in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, gradually spreading  its influence to neighboring regions,  turns step by step into a leading force in Ukraine’s liberation from ideological and corporate Nazis. Geneva Agreements imposed on Kiev … Continue reading

Nazism Still Alive in Ukraine

Nazism in Ukraine is still alive postdateicon Sunday, 01 June 2014 12:56 More Sharing ServicesShare | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print (en) (ru) Vladislav Gulevich I Ukraine is the only from the Eastern Slavonic ex-USSR republics which chose to go by the way of neo-Nazism. Many people feel … Continue reading

Juice Rap News – Media War Games In Ukraine

Western Backed Ukraine At War. Civil War Underway … Videos HD… Rand Corporation Has War plans for the U.S.

Western Backed Ukraine At War. Civil War Underway … Videos HD… Rand Corporation Has War plans for the U.S..