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Ukrainian Motorised Militsiya Defects in Slavyansk Bringing Families With Them

bbc-1A battalion of the elite personel from the Ukrainian Motorised Militsiya have defected in Slanyansk to support the People’s Republic of Donetsk as Ukrainian MIG’s flew low overhead. These noble soliders have also brought the families with them seeking resettlement in the eastern regions. As well they also brought with them between 15 and 20 cowards from the Right Sector fearful at dying. These cowards were stationed with the Militsiya have begged for forgivess and mercy from Republician authorites and asked for safe transport and asylum in Russia.

The Motorised Militsiya have claimed that they would rather die the east with their honour as soldiers in tact then live in west with dishouner and shame. The Militsiya have claimed that many other defence regular including cadets from the Ivan Kozhedub Air Force University in Kharkiv are waiting for their familes to leave Junta held areas before defecting themselves. The Militsiya claim that there is much disquiet amongst the regular about the use of Right Sector thugs and National Guards against civilian targets.

Some Militsiya have openly voiced support for the People’s Republic of Donetsk while others are proud Ukrainians who whilst loyal to their motherland and who were supporters of the Maiden have expressed concern about the fascist nature of of the current junta in Kiev. These officers are seeking support in the  newly liberated Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk for the removal of the Right Sector, Freedom Party and Fatherland Party fsacists from power in Kiev who have ordered the military to fire upon their own civilians in the Eastern regions.


The defections came after 10 soliders who were planning to defect were captured and executed by Right Sector National Guardsmen.

See http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_05_18/Ukrainian-National-Guard-radicals-shoot-dead-10-soldiers-who-wished-to-side-with-federalists-6853/

Pictured a cowardly member of the Neo-Fascist Right Sector who seeks asylum in Russia fearful of dying in Slavyansk



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