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Ukraine is a Test For Europe: Interview with Prof. Dr. Andrej Fursow

indexInterview with Prof. Dr. Andrej Fursow :

Ukraine – that is , the sample for unification of the liberals and neo- Nazis in Europe

The Anglo-Saxons feed the Ukraine on, and hope to build from it a neo -Nazi state , a new Third Reich that they just let go to Russia, as they rushed in the middle of the last century Hitler against the Soviet Union. This is of course a contentious hypothesis , do not dare to express many today . What should the West Ukraine need? The permanent expert on Nakanune.ru , the historian Prof. Andrej Fursow , says that the main goal of the West is the destabilization throughout Eurasia. But after the ” Krimsieg ” says Fursow , Russia witnessed the departure from the zone of historical defeats. The most important victory of the 20th century was with us the victory over the German fascists , this feeling that we have to contend with the new Third Reich already in this century?

The video with the interview on nakanune.ru (in Russian ) :

Question: You recently said that Russia now experienced the departure from the zone of historic defeats. The most important victory of the 20th century was with us the victory over the fascists , but this feeling that we will fight with the new Third Reich already in this century?

Andrej Fursow : Throughout history there are no absolute repetition, and of course , the current situation can be compared , but it must not be forgotten – today it is completely different from 1939 – 1941 At the time, there was a quite obvious aggressor to ours. boundaries came . Now the situation is a different , but still, the U.S. begin after the Syrian front ( as in Syria , there was undoubtedly a confrontation between Russia and the United States) a confrontation in Ukraine. I would call it not the ” Ukrainian Front” in the Russian-American confrontation. The Americans in Ukraine tried to solve by the American- banderowsker overthrow a very simple task . They wanted in Ukraine a beachhead for political and, if necessary , provide for an armed provocation pressure on Russia . They tried to create another Russophobe Slavic state except Poland , which can be hunted in an emergency to Russia. It is the creation of voltage herds around the national and strategic borders of Russia .

Question: The way of the modern Russophobe States – that’s an artificial way , as it was with Hitler – him , as we recall , sponsored the U.S. financial Clans England – here we observe but the same situation ?

Andrej Fursow : The thing is that the opponents of Russia always extended the powers that they tried to throw as armed chunks against Russia, but , no less , the current Ukraine may be compared in any case with the Third Reich – after the economic potential not . In addition , in Ukraine itself is at half of the population against the neo- Nazis banderowsker , that is, that’s an entirely different situation. Ukraine does it compare with the Third Reich course of watery.

imagesQuestion: When we talk about the neo- Nazis in the Ukraine and in Europe in general – there was the victory of the Nationalists and ” Euro-skeptics ” in the elections in France and Great Britain ? The balance of power changed in Euro Parliament?

Andrej Fursow : This speaks of a deep crisis in the Euro Union. The fact that this structure was not viable from the beginning, is to a close. And the rise of both the right and the left parties , all of which do not want to be in the Euro Union together who do not want to lose their identity – all demonstrated to us the current situation.

Question: First, ultra-right mood – the rehabilitation of Nazism after that?

Andrej Fursow : This is only partially connected , I do not think that such people as Le Pen will rehabilitate Nazism. But , undoubtedly , one of the byproducts of the decay of the Euro Union may be the rehabilitation of Nazism . The thing is that the rehabilitation of Nazism , especially is not so much connected with the crisis of the Euro Union , but rather with the aim of the current western elite who already can not solve in a liberal way their problems , and the for whose solution requires neo- Nazis . In this respect , Ukraine is a sample , where we have the unification of the liberals who could not achieve the separation of Ukraine from Russia with the help of a Orange Revolution itself, and seen the Neo – Nazis – Banderowzen .

Question: But what do you mean , it will not be a big war?

Andrej Fursow : In the coming years there will not be him. But it is so that in the history of all changes and the Anglo-Saxons have always long-term plans and their goal is to create a permanent source of tension on the borders of Russia. Where they will serve this new state as an example of “democracy” and ” freedom,” as opposed to ” totalitarian ” Russia . Undoubtedly, this is a source of tension , and their goal is to create such hotbeds of tension in the entire extent of our borders. In general it must be said that American strategists not hide the main objective of the United States – it is the destabilization of Eurasia. The destabilization of Eurasia – this is the destabilization of Russia.

Question: What was the role in this confrontation the Crimea?

Andrej Fursow : The ” Krimsieg ” drew a line under the disgrace that on 2 – started December 3, 1989 , when , after Gorbachev had flown to the known Russophobe Roman Pontiff John Paul II , flew to Malta , where Bush over the socialist camp abandoned . After we received the shame of ” Jelziner ” and gave our position on , and now, finally , we have started to collect our span and bread seed, and it proved that the West has not played Russia.

Question: But what do we have? Do we have any real allies , on which we can rely on?

Andrej Fursow Our tactical ally , the People’s Republic of China, our interests coincide perfectly now . But when we talk about the allies of Russia, then we always have us to set Alexander III . remember : “Russia has only two allies : the army and the fleet,” now , and in the current situation I would this also includes the secret here .

Question: But China and Russia are approaching now and praise at this, what does this mean?

Andrej Fursow : This means that there are no permanent allies and permanent friends in the world . In the next 10 years, we have common interests and common geostrategic opponents, but another is difficult to predict – the situation is changing rapidly.

Question: After the official visit Joe Biden in Beijing in December 2013, all talked about that the relevant factor in world politics relations United States – China. When the United States and China have agreed as to how the world is divided . But on this day – everything has changed ?

Andrej Fursow : Well, first there was never such a situation that the U.S. and China will divide the world. We remember the only country in the world that can teach the United States irreparable damage – this is Russia. That’s why everything here is generally obvious. Well, but the current situation after the Ukrainian crisis – it has absolutely everything changed completely – we have such a block situation , if there is the West, in the run already serious Desorgansiations processes. And such some tactical alliance in China with Russia , although some speak of a strategic .

Question: In other words, China has the U.S. soft ” sent away ” ? If the collaboration is not approved ?

Andrej Fursow : At the given stage they have not agreed . But understanding excellent , the Chinese , the Americans , who often cheated the Soviet Union and Russia cheat – they will certainly deceive even China. The Chinese do not trust the U.S., and that is correct.





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