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Israeli Rabbi Compares the Rise of the Ukrainian Fascist Junta To That of Nazi Germany


A rabbi, political scientist and writer from Jerusalem Michael Finkel warns that the conflict in Ukraine is hugely influenced by right- wing ultranationalist groups: Accusing global media of double standards while covering the Ukrainian crisis, Finkel reminds that before the World War II not many believed that fascism could take over the world.

“In the US many didn’t believe that Nazis were really dangerous,” Finkel said. “The same thing happens now in Ukraine, where we are literally witnessing the raise of the Fourth Reich. Nazi parties like the Right Sector, Party of Freedom are openly saying that they will ‘drown the Russians in the blood of Jews’ “.

“[The] American Jewish diaspora, as well as average Americans, are misled by the media – they trust everything they see on TV and take it for objective truth,” he added. “They are misled in two thinking that Russia is an aggressor and don’t believe in pogroms in Ukraine.”



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