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Free from Galicia – to free “Greater Ukraine”

Free from Galicia – to free “Greater Ukraine”

(en) Petr Getsko I The author of this article deeply convinced, that  Kiev junta lives last week of its existence . Insurgency in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, gradually spreading  its influence to neighboring regions,  turns step by step into a leading force in Ukraine’s liberation from ideological and corporate Nazis. Geneva Agreements imposed on Kiev usurpers unrealistic demands to disarm illegal armed formations and de-escalate the situation. It can rapidly discredit the Kiev authorities . Restore free from the Nazis ” Great Ukraine ” , as well as exemption from Transcarpathia forcibly imposed upon them the power right-wing radicals and criminals are becoming more obvious prospect. In this situation, the question will inevitably arise about the fate of Galicia – ideological antipode of Carpathian Ruthenia, genuine ideological hotbed of infection and the main support of the February coup in Kiev.The new Ukrainian government will inevitably have to deal with ‘ Galician question. ” Because otherwise the policy Connection unjoinable supposing ” Zluka ” Galicia and the rest of Ukraine ( with the inclusion of this project in a number of territories , never eager to participate in it ) threatens to turn the Ukrainian statehood, politics, economics and ideology inevitably chimerical and impractical education. For ” Galician spirit ” and ” Dnepr  mentality» organically unjoined with each other , which inevitably casts doubt on the efforts of many generations ” ukrainobuilder .” Decide the fate of Galicia ( and therefore the rest of Ukraine) in a constructive manner is only one way of overcoming long-standing hatred and alienation : separating Galicia from Ukraine providing her the status of a European protectorate by analogy with the quasi Kosovo ( which is also capable of providing virtually no normal bulk of the population lives manufacturing economy , and economic activity is “transit ” character ) .

Deciding notorious Galician question ” Ukraine will start transformed regardless of their estimates and intentions of its ideologists of “unity .” “The final decision Galician question ” really necessary and possible . Certainly not in the sense as it was practiced in the Third Reich against the Jews ( although the current Galician “svidomity”  understand exactly what this phrase Hitler by extending it to all those who speak in Russian and has great political views from them ) . However, to solve this ” damn ” question , sooner or later , but come. Now is the perfect time for Ukraine in response to the scope of its deepest political crisis after the expected victory over Kiev coup the first time in many years, has a real opportunity to “focus” ( the formula Gorchakov ) and revise many trite political and ideological approaches .

However, polemical passion that recently erupted over the question of Ukraine Association with Europe conceal the very fact that not all regions of the country crave Association. Rusyn movement network ( RAN ) during the last four months, conducted a study of public opinion in the Transcarpathia. According to a survey made ​​two DRS open letter to the President of Ukraine , Vilnius Summit participants , members of the European Commission and MEPs . One of them says that Transcarpathia is not ready for Association with Europe, another proposes to implement an association with the EU other part of today’s Ukraine – namely Galicia.

To understand the attitude of the people to Association with Europe and Galicia , simply to remind the reader of recent data in the region pol auspices CRD opinion polls . According to them, 75% Transcarpathians sure that after the Vilnius summit in Ukraine will go the other way , will need different values ​​, different type of elite. It is clear that we are talking about the Galician ” values.” While 88.9% Transcarpathians believe that the Ukrainian government , consisting of people of different nationalities , is the actual ” guide ” and ” guarantor” of Ukrainian nationalism , to which the latter acts as a kind of business project. At the same time 66.7% Transcarpathians believe that only the “big Ukraine ” could actually solve the “problem of Galicia “, in which the expansion of all-Ukrainian scale has long been a byword. Finally, 77.8 % believe that the weakening of the Galician influence outside the territory of Ukraine Galicia instantly transformed.

As a sort of “pilot project” in the first stage , it would be advisable associate one region , which borders Poland – Galicia. And we are talking about the option , under which on the borders of Galicia entered the customs borders of Transcarpathia Ukraine and other areas that border the Ivano- Frankivsk, Lviv and Ternopil regions. This deep conviction of the author – the most rational option address the current problem . In any case, it is better than the split of Ukraine or the civil war . In the second step necessary to move to a discussion of the federalization of Ukraine , where each region ( or cluster ) will be able to decide the question of their historical , cultural and political identity, and about the priority of foreign economic relations . In implementing these two issues in the situation “big Ukraine” radically change. A Galicia acquire Europeanness , not in words but in fact , no longer guided by perennial complexes and phobias , allegedly arising from its civilizational and ” kulturtreger ” mission for the rest of Ukraine.

I would like to make a reservation immediately : if the Galicians , who imagine themselves Europeanized Piedmont , norms genuine European culture has been and remains an elusive quantity, for Ruthenians Carpathian Ruthenia openness Europe does not imply a decisive “off” from the great ” Russian world” , but it is the ideal . And if today favorites Galician intellectuals such noble and respectable Volodymyr Pavliv or witty and creative Ostap Drozdov only dream of a multinational , multicultural and tolerant Galicia , the Carpathian Ruthenia , in spite of frequent changes of state jurisdiction , has long been the de facto is such a region – a home for all nationalities inhabiting it . And if the Galicians are always ready to sell their imaginary ” birthright ” for a bowl of lentil soup from the western borders , the national dignity Carpathian Rusyns simply does not allow them to do it (However, such a desire to exchange their historic dignity to the imaginary phantom benefits inherent in European integration today many Russian-speaking “orange” people of Kiev , as well as some decidedly rushing into the arms of Europe ” Kharkiv “, ” Donetsk ” and ” Dnipro ” figures ) . Anyway , for the Ruthenians Pidkarpatiya subjected to ethnocide and genocide with the active and direct participation of the Galician “neighbors” , the restoration of their historic rights is hardly possible in the triumph of any kind of the idea of ​​” unity of the two of Ukraine.” And that is why separation of Galicia will not only mean “divorce” with long – assimilator antagonist because of the Carpathians, but also the creation of historical precedent favorable to the future self-determination itself Carpathian Ruthenia , which was imposed by force participation in a stranger to her , ” Ukrainian project”.

However, all of the above – it expected future . In modern situation must do everything possible to ensure that the life within the modern Ukraine did not look like a freak show , a madhouse or a concentration camp for all those who do not wish to build their lives on precepts Doncova , Hrushevskoho or Mikhnovsky , as well as their successors . However, anti-Russian , anti-Semitic , pro-fascist sentiments prevailing in modern Galicia , left her very little chance of another variant of political destiny , rather than turning into a protectorate of the EU. Galichansky region with its pervasive corruption , deepening collapse of municipal services and infrastructure, the ubiquitous ” seasonal work ” became Ukrainian analogue gangster Kosovo. In Kosovo, the Albanian mafia clans omnipotent earn on drugs , selling people , prostitution. In Galicia , as in the quasi- called Kosovo blossomed riotous color radical nationalism . To eradicate faschizoid consciousness need at least one generation , or even two , which be protected from the influence of public agitators type Tyagnybok , Farion or Mikhalchishin . This is only possible with external administration in the region, which should be the guarantor of the European Union. Around the perimeter of Galicia must enter the border, to take armed guards all communications, and above all – energy corridors , whose activities during the transition period is intended to guarantee the same EU . Elsewhere on the territory of the former Ukraine must enter the official ban on mentioning UPA , Bandera , Shukhevych and other ” cult ” figures of Galician radical nationalist ” pantheon .” To all the most active agents of fascist ideology in modern Ukraine to apply the Criminal Code and in the future – to repeat the Nuremberg Trials . Without Galicia remaining Ukrainian territory will get a chance to return to civilized development . Decision to begin the vital problems in the interests of the rank and file and the “average ” of Ukrainians , and not just a single ” Ukrainian Piemont ” Your actions today which puts itself in the position of ” rogue ” and ” isolate “.

But the main thing – to win Galicia itself. Galicians have a chance to become real Europeans , sending its passionarity on improvement of its historical territory , and not to conquer the culture and civilization alien to them the rest of Ukraine ( and especially neighboring Pudkarpatiya ) . For Ukraine, Galicia branch will mean long-term anti-Russian project.  Senseless and marginalized ” Galician ” and ” radical nationalist ” elite segment capable only to destructive activities on absolutely alien for them territory “Great Ukraine”. The rest of the Ukrainian elite are not infected the “virus” of “svidomizm” finally have the opportunity instead of constructing a regular political or ideological chimeras – to erode out of mind masochistic , chauvinistic and misanthropic myths, that formed for the last 20 years the state ideology. And only in this case Ukraine will get a chance in the future have a functional and full-fledged state. However, for us , the Rusyns of Transcarpathia , all this – is another story .

Petr Getsko, columnist



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