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Ukrainian Fascist Junta Aircraft Attack Donetsk Airport 26-05-2014

Ukraine Junta troops attack Donetsk Republicians at Donetsk Airport as well as firing indiscriminately in Mariupol  using Jets, helicopters and with soldiers attempting storm facility that have been held by pro-Russian forces for several weeks one day after a pro-Western Oligarch was declared victorious by the US State Dept despite votes int eh presidential election not yet being counted.

The democratic Repubican Mayor of Donetsk urged residents to stay indoors and has called upon Russiato halt the Ukraine Fascist attacks on the now Independent Peoples Republic of Donetsk.

The airport serves a city of one million people, which the rebels have proclaimed capital of an independent “people’s republic”, and where they succeeded in blocking all voting in Sunday’s presidential election.

The attempt to seize the airport ahead of a planned visit by former Central bank Governor Poroshenko from travelling there and declaring victory for the Western installed neo-fascist junta.




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