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Operation Pavel – Tempering Steel in the Ukraine Again: Moscow Runs Short on Ideas for Global Intrigue

His heart beat fast. His cherished dream

was realised! The steel trap had been rent asunder,

and now, armed with a new weapon, he

had returned to the fighting ranks and to life.

How the Steel Was Tempered Nikolai Ostrovsky 



To us Sovietoligists to current situation in Eastern Ukraine has a very familiar vibe. Moscow with the current conflict is trying to teach the United States a lesson in interfering in Russian and to do this it is running the narrative found in Nikolai Ostrovsky’s famous novel How the Steel Was Tempered. Trust us on this one; the current situation in the Ukraine is total under the total control of The Kremlin.

See the following link for a 6000 word introduction for Ostrovsky work. http://www.cpa.org.au/resources/

To most in the west Ostrovsky book was nothing merely a strange piece of Russian literature written under the Social Realist style pioneered by Lukacs. In the west the literary review of How the Steel was Tempered usually goes like this: The troops of Imperial Germany occupied the Ukraine during the October Revolution and the Civil War. They were going to stay in the occupied territories for a long time. But the courage of the Red Army and the guerrillas broke simple determination of the Germans, and the enemy army was expelled from the Soviet land. In the West these reviews usually see Ostrovsky’s book as being about warfare between nations.

The basis of the error in this stems from a basic simple understanding of Bolshevik political understanding and policy. Whilst Ostrovsky’s book did contain mentions of war the basis of the war wasn’t a nationalists but a war between classes; where the Soviet Union took the place of Communist Party as the Vanguard of the International Anti-Imperialist Class War. What Ostrovsky show’s is an insight into the mind and character of Pavel Korchagin who is is awakened to the collective ability to remake the environment and their entire social structure. What our hero learns is the necessity of the people’s struggle for Socialism, by changing the economic conditions that dominate their family and social life.


Their struggle calls into being a new collective socialist consciousness for their community and establishes a new code of social and individual behaviour, the basis of a genuinely humane morality. That is the inevitability of the working class to triumph in its international struggle for freedom. The same storyline is being played out in Ukraine at the moment. There are few to the plot with the exception of the United States taking on the role of Germany in the story but otherwise the basic plot remains intact. We have a ruling elite in Western Ukraine financed and backed by a foreign power unleashing fascist thugs in a region of terror to repress the rising aspirations of working classes. These fascist thugs back by a foreign invading force attack the heart of the industrial base forcing unarmed civilians to rise and fighting of this force by hand. What ensures is a sudden mass rising of class consciousness and the forming of collective self-defence forces and a reorganisation of the ownership of the means of production. Thus proving the inevitability of socialism triumphant.

Actually coming to think of it the plot is quite similar to that of Star Wars. What’s interesting in the Ukraine is decision to strategically withdraw from Kiev of the government led by Yanukovych. With his withdrawal to East he took with not only the vast bulk of the Ukrainian Army and its equipment but also the vast bulks of it police force. A US government funded military research think tank also recently estimated that only 15% of the defence force still remains contain less than 1000 operational vehicles left. They also not that less than 3000 personnel of the more than 20,000 active troops station in Crimea chose to return.

The new Western sponsored junta in Kyiv have the vast bulk of the Ukrainian Defence Forces who have gone to the east as traitor and terrorists and have accused them of taking over townships in the East. Kyiv as a result has descended into anarchy with mobs of right wing thugs from around Europe taking over the streets forcing banks and businesses to close. In the east and south of the Ukraine business in booming with the influx of several hundred thousand refugees from the Western cities bringing with them the majority of Ukraine’s private savings. What is obvious is that Russia is clearly in control of the future of the Ukrainian and that the withdrawal of democratically elected President Yanukovych was a strategic withdrawal judging by the empty weapons depots and bank vaults in and around Kyiv.



Photo: Union members in Eastern Ukraine rally around Stalin statue in protest the illegal takeover of their government by Western sponsored fascist street thugs and soccer hooligans

Despite Western media reports that the uprising in the East had turn inn favour of the US sponsored Fascist Junta see Workers Sieze City From Seperatists in the East the as reported days earlier is that these companies would be sponsoring citizen’s patrols in cities such as Mariupol to defend the cities from the Ukrainian Amry. As Russia Today reported on the 12th of May:

Ukraine’s largest steelmaker, Metinvest, has issued a call for employees in the Donetsk region to become “volunteer warriors” and protect local citizens against Kiev anti-terrorist operations.

Many steelworkers took to the streets in their work overalls and helmets and patrolled the streets alongside local law enforcement Sunday. The men, unarmed, are trying to keep public order and prevent violence, looting and vandalism. On the first patrol night, 120 metallurgists patrolled the streets.

“We must disarm and sit down at the negotiating table. Only then will our fellow citizens be completely safe,” Yuri Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest, said in a statement.

The company issued a statement Saturday that urged workers to join the local militia, but stressed that heavy equipment and weapons need to be abandoned.

“People need to feel that it’s not just police and people, as it has been in different cities in our country the past four months, but that it is people WITH the police,” Ryzhenkov explained in another statement issued Monday.

See http://rt.com/business/158400-ukraine-metinvest-akhmetov-steel/

Russian government news agency reported a day earlier about the reason for the formation of the guard which will allow former Ukrainian Army to launch a  guerrilla warfare against the fascist junta by freeing them of the duty of defending the cities after the remnants of the Ukrainian Army attack the cities police station abducted the Police and left him hanging from a lamppost on the outskirts of town.

Photo: In Mariupol Trade Unionists such as these are now helping patrol the streets after the Ukrainian Army attack the police station and murdered the cities police chief on Victory Day in an attempt to intimidate citizens against voting in the recent referendum and after a recent attack by government party thugs killed over 40 of their comrade’s in the trade union office in Odessa.

Inter-Tass reported that the new unarmed town milita would be formed to not help return the region under the control of the western sponsored fascist junta in Kyiv as the Western media is now claiming but to defend the town after the attcks on Victory Day.

DONETSK, May 11 /ITAR-TASS/. Industrialists will help put things right and restore the operation of metallurgical combines in the city of Mariupol in the Donetsk Region in eastern Ukraine.

The Metinvest Group announced on Saturday its decision to “create, jointly with municipal police, people’s patrols from among smelters’ workers”. From Sunday, they will “start patrolling the city and protecting civilians,” says a joint statement by the heads of Metinvest, Ilyich Iron & Steel Works and Azovstal Iron & Steel Works – Yury Ryzhenkov, Yury Zinchenko and Enver Tkitishvili.

“Blood was shed in the city. This happened on Victory Day on May 9, a day that is holy for us,” they recalled. In their assessment, “the life of Mariupol is paralyzed, the city economy is being destroyed, and normal operation of metallurgical combines, which means not only work and salaries for city dwellers but the economic foundation of the Donetsk Region and entire Ukraine, has been disrupted.”

The heads of the industrial enterprises called “to reject the practice of conducting large-scale battles in peaceful cities of Donbas with participation of the armed forces, the use of hardware and armaments”, noting that “Ukrainian military must immediately leave the city”.


Photo: Citizens Militia sieze Kyiv Junta tank after it attack the police headquarter on  VictoryDay 0th May 2014

The response to the launch of these new citizens patrol by the Junta in Kyiv was also less then friendly with a spokeman for the President:

“In fact, Akhmetov’s statement is a demand to Ukraine to stop the anti-terroristic operation and call off our forces. This call will not just fail to fix the situation in the Donetsk region, but also spread this infection across Ukraine,” Sergey Pashinsky, acting head of the president’s administration, said in Kiev.

Hardy the the intervention by an Oligarch to help restore the region to the unelected junta in Kyiv that the western press is now claiming.



Photo of Head of the Ukrainian Communist Party Petro Symonenko (L) and his Russian counterpart Gennadiy Zuganov take part in a rally in downtown Donetsk. The Communist Party of Ukrainian has packed up and relocated its headquarters to this city.

Welcome to the Orewellian Theartre of the Absurd, where Fascism is Freedom and where military defeat is Victory.

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