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Warning to CIS countries: situation in Ukraine – direct US aggression against Russia

The current events in Ukraine are nothing else but a direct aggression of the US against Russia and an obvious warning to neighboring countries, Ukrainian political analyst, Yury Gorodnenko believes. A danger of a new coup exists in all the CIS republics. Washington has skillfully used the issue of inter-ethnic relations in Ukraine for its own purposes. And the EuroMaidan is only the beginning.

The issue of inter-ethnic relations always was and still remains the most acute problem in the policy of any state. Differences between Western and Eastern Ukraine began long before the events on the Maidan, but in the recent months, the situation considerably worsened, Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexey Makarkin says.

“The national factor has been triggered with the coming to power of revolutionaries, who were feared of in the East for many reasons. People feared they would impose Ukrainization, and on coming to power, they immediately cancelled the law on regional languages. People feared there would be a rapprochement with the West, which was not wanted in the East of the country.”

Eastern Ukraine has always stood for establishing contacts with Russia, both political and economic. And Ukraine’s accession to the Customs Union was perceived as a step on the road to stability and security, Alexei Makarkin says:

“For the forces of the East, the Customs Union is a symbol. The symbol of going together with Russia, and not to the West. If for the participants of the Maidan the West is a reference point, for the East of Ukraine it is an aggressive player imposing its rights, which bombed Yugoslavia. They are afraid that the rapprochement with the West and signing of the agreement with the EU will be a blow on them, will destroy their culture. In this case, Russia is seen as a protector, a savior, including in the format of the Customs Union.”

Meanwhile, the West has its own plans for Ukraine. Inter-ethnic conflicts and civil war are the result of Washington’s skillful policy aimed primarily against Russia, Ukrainian political scientist, Yury Gorodnenko is sure:

“A direct aggression of the USA against Russia is under way now. Everything that is going on in Ukraine is not directed against it. America wants to eliminate its main competitor – Russia. They can’t strike in the open; they’ve already attempted to do it through the opposition, through Bolotnaya Square, but failed. So, they are trying to destabilize the situation in Russia’s neighboring countries. The borders are open, and economic issues will primarily affect Russia.”

The US is acting in a tried-and-true way. They have already succeeded in inciting ethnic hatred in Iraq, the expert says. So, they didn’t have much trouble unleashing an anti-Russian campaign in Ukraine. But, according to Gorodnenko, the USA will hardly content itself with Ukraine alone. Any CIS country may become the next target. Therefore, the former Soviet republics should more actively participate in the formation of the Eurasian Union, says Yuri Gorodnenko.

“Now it is time for each of the leaders of the CIS and Georgia to think about their future, because in any case, the strike will be delivered on them, too. They will be next on the agenda after Ukraine. If they are in a league of their own, the US will still carry out an aggressive policy against them. They can only win in case of rapprochement with Russia.”

The risk of unleashing an ethnic conflict may occur in any of the post-Soviet countries. If the CIS countries do not want a repetition of the Ukrainian scenario, they have to forget about national conflicts and strengthen cooperation with Russia.
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_05_10/Warning-to-CIS-countries-situation-in-Ukraine-direct-US-aggression-against-Russia-7212/




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